Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dear Friends here i post some details about RSS.If you have any suggestions and comments please post to this blog.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.It's a Web content syndication format. It is a lot like HTML.Reader will receive through the RSS reader.

Syndication means you don't have to visit each siteindividually to see what's new -- you simply scan headlines or brief article summaries and click to read the full text.
Ok Friends! I hope now you all have some idea about RSS, Lets continue, before that, i want you all to know about the Keywords and theirs definitions.It will help you to understand in coming sessions.
RSS feed (or) RSS file (or) RSS channel (or) feed (or) channel
Def:RSS feed or files is in xml format more or like html file.The browsers cannot read that file,a RSS reader or RSS aggregrator is require to read the RSS file.
RSS reader (or) news reader (or) RSS aggregator
Def:Rss reader or Rss aggregator is a program that can read RSS files
XML ( eXtensible Markup Language) -The format RSS is written in , important only because RSS may be labeled as XML.
OPML ( Outline Processor Markup Language ) - an XML format for outlines, which may be used as a way of listing many RSS feeds.
How can we create our own RSS feed?
We can create our own RSS feed. Directories like will help you to create a RSS feed as per our wish or we can select any one of the feed in our interest.Here you can ask how we create feed for our own sites?As i told already we can create our own RSS feed or RSS file using the Feed Generator,We can get it from we can able to read the file with the help of RSS reader only after uploading the file or feed. In case of Feeds created with the help of directories or News aggregator,RSS reader is enough to read the file.

How OPML file help us?

An OPML file can be made that lists all the RSS feeds you subscribe to, and this can be very useful. Many RSS aggregators can produce (export) OPML files, and many can read (import from) them. This is a very useful feature. Suppose that you are using aggregator ABC to read 50 RSS feeds. Your friend tells you that aggregator XYZ is so much better than ABC, so you want to try it out. Rather than re-subscribing to all 50 feeds from XYZ, you can export an OPML file from ABC, and import that file into XYZ, assuming that both aggregators have these features.

Nine reasons to hit RSS

*Rss is dynamic when a publisher changes content,consumers know it instantly.
* Review a large number of sites in a very shorttime.
* Distributes content to consumers who might be tooafraid to subscribe to your ezine - they can remainanonymous and don't need to subscribe or unsubscribe
* Bypass spam filters, firewalls, and avoid getting viruses. Consumers opt-in to receive RSS feeds
* Can replace or be an additional channel to distribute content besides using email to send your newsletter or ezine.
* Allows consumers to see some of the producer's content without needing to visit the site.* Provides fresh content for your web site - by adding RSS to your web site you can automatically publish other people's content.
* Increase search engine rankings - search engines love web sites that provide fresh content on a continuous basis. ie adding an article feed will provide that fresh content.
* Save time - instead of browsing multiple sites to find information of interest, syndicated content can be delivered directly through your RSS Reader. You scan the headline that interests you, then click to go directly to the source.What is RSS Feed, and How we get it?


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